The White House at Dagfest

The White House was commissioned by Creative Barking and Dagenham to produce a workshop and interactive performances at Dagfest 2018. 

At Dagfest, the White House Sofa Slammers, Poetry Circle, Young Creatives and crafters joined forces as kitchen table activists. Fighting for their causes, whether it’s strawberry ice cream (the unsung hero of Neapolitan) or wages for housework, our kitchen table activists cooked up a storm!


Poets roamed Dagfest, performing speeches and poems on their soapbox, and recruited audience members to join us at our kitchen table and fight for their own cause. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 16.04.04.jpeg

The kitchen table (complete with kitchen sink!) was a hub of activity, people writing their own poetry, drawing ingredients and creating recipes for change on our fridge door. 

Our recipe for change activity has now moved back into The White House where visitors are able to create their own recipes for change, continuing the conversation from the activity at Dagfest. 

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Photos by Jacob Horne