Artist, Designer & Career non-binary

Sahra Hersi is a multidisciplinary architectural designer and artist based in London. After graduating from the Royal College of Art Architecture programme, she found herself free to reinterpret what architecture means. She has been quietly rebelling against her architectural education ever since. Her practice explores shared spaces, the public realm, collaboration and community engagement. Her work is often born out of engaging with local communities and the spaces they occupy.


Past, Present and Future: The (Not so) White House

This work uncovers, reinterprets and imagines the past, present, and future of the White House in Dagenham through a series of Illustrative prints, as well as a drop in workshop.

The (Not so) White House: Drop in workshop

If you were to Google The White House you might find yourself confronted with the image of a man with questionable hair, and what can only be described as a jaundiced complexion. After much scrolling, confusion and determination you will find The White House in Dagenham, a public space for art and social activity in the Becontree Estate. You might think to yourself “why did they call it The White House?”

The question is does The White House in Dagenham want to be associated with a house currently lived in by a man who thinks racial slurs, casual sexism, homophobic and xenophobic policies are justified.

This workshop gives you the chance to colour in The White House Dagenham, and suggest a possible new name.


Photos by Jimmy Lee