Jess Burnett is a 2D artist who creates contemporary mythological creatures inspired by the natural world. Mirroring ancient myths, the contrast between life and death is depicted in her work. She specialises using watercolour and biro pen but also experiments with mix media and installation.


Jess studied at Central Saint Martins where she found her love for the illustrated style of animals of unnatural forms. Discovering artists such as Brian Froud and Caitlin Hackett who have also influenced her work as it’s seen today.

The creatures tell a story and represent the struggles she faces with mental and physical illness. By drawing these creatures, the illnesses become more visible and act as a healing tool by separating the darkness of illnesses from her core self.  

Her delicate and intricate style, often in contrast to her work’s subject matter, alludes to the idea of  finding beauty in every being. Through her work Jess Burnett wants to spread awareness of invisible illnesses, as well as to show the real power they have on people.

Jess Burnett is currently working and volunteering for Green Shoes Arts as an artist facilitator delivering workshops for people who struggle with mental health.