Indre Neiberkaite is a photographer and a multidisciplinary artist with a particular interest in fine art and conceptual photography, film and installation.


Inspired by abstract art concepts, visual and sonic landscapes, Indre exhibited a new work titled One00 Wishes as part of The (Not S0) White House: Local Resonance. In reflection to her previous projects and relation to personal experiences, dreams, and wishes - Indre worked on developing a technique of visual language that would speak to the spectator of evocative emotions and feelings encountered impulsively but not bound by location or place, rather than unforseen conversation with someone seen as an outsider.

As a result, her final piece is dedicated to friendship and positive state of mind despite any negative influences one has to overcome to understand each other in age of technological singularity.

While questioning her own life values and views Indre utilises a camera to express her perspective on art – answering those questions translate into images that speak for themselves.

Indre is currently studying photography at Barking and Dagenham College in partnership with University of East London. She has exhibited multimedia installations at The White House in Becontree and Menier Gallery in London Bridge. Indre has also been documenting the work of artist collective, They Are Here, including Laughing Matter at Studio Voltaire, 40 Temps, 8 Days at Tate Modern and the development of the Beacon Garden in Becontree.


Photos by Jimmy Lee