Danny Baxter, a local artist, poet and musician, expresses his creativity by participating in different arts programmes and activities that promote arts and culture in the local community.


For The (Not So) White House exhibition, Danny exhibited a body of work entitled ‘Who is Captain K - W.I.P’. Through The Artist Development Residency he has explored the elements and aspects involved in the development of the Captain K, resulting in a series of large posters of his digitally produced illustrations.

The posters were presented alongside items that are traditionally used to promote franchises, as well as a sample of his audio-visual work. The project draws on Danny’s attempt to resolve complex equations presented to him by his personal experiences, and how they have informed his outlook on the world. These experiences are often reworked and tie into the Captain K & the XIth Hour Reapers franchise.

In addition to being part of The Artist Development Residency, Danny is producing an album based on his material, working on a game app for iOS, helping to build a community choir with Every One Every Day and Creative Barking and Dagenham, as well as being a regular contributor at Spoken Not Stirred, Studio 3 Arts monthly open mic poetry night.


Photos by Jimmy Lee