Beacon Garden

They are Here

In 2017 collective practice They Are Here were commissioned to transform the former car park behind The White House into a community garden. They aim to create a garden environment that provides a ‘residency’ space for multiple species, mirroring The White House as a residency site for artists and echoing the creation of the Becontree housing estate. A series of structures will be made that house and support the residency of different species (including insects and birds) and robots. Each micro-structure will be designed by a different architect of world-class standing, so the garden evolves into a ‘micro-architecture’ park.

In 2018 they worked with local participants interested in gardening, permaculture and construction. Activity included a mushroom log workshop led by permaculture expert Graham Burnett, concrete poetry authored by The White House Poetry Group and drop-in gardening sessions. This led to They Are Here creating a working design for the garden based on theirs and the community’s ideas, as well as Graham Burnett’s expert advice; resulting in a list of exciting plant species to be grown.
They Are Here held a community consultation workshop that enabled participants to trace over their design; moving, removing or suggesting additional elements.

Following the removal of the tarmac in January 2019 from the former carpark site, we are now ready to begin construction of the garden, ready for opening in Spring 2019. Come and help us make a community garden for Dagenham and learn new gardening and carpentry skills (no experience necessary).

For details on upcoming garden events and workshops please check our events page.

Terry mushroom log workshop, photograph by Indre Neiberkaite .png
mushroom log workshop graham doing a demo, photograph by Indre Neiberkaite .png

Photos by Indre Neiberkaite